Adhésion familiale


UGS : FAMMMBR Catégorie:

? Price reductions during cultural events organized by the CCFO ? sometimes they are even free for members
? Promotional offers with different entrepreneurs
? Reception of the electronic newsletter, which keeps you informed of the life of our community, with announcement of upcoming events
? Access to a directory of services and businesses that offer services in French
? If you have a special interest such as job hunting, contract opportunities for artists, activities for children, for the 50+, and for theater lovers, we keep you informed of the information that circulates according to your interest
? Networking opportunities and discounts for advertising your business
? Access to the most complete French-language library and media library in the region
? Costco Card Access
? Access to a unique and energetic French-speaking network!
? And above all, the feeling of being part of a warm and firmly rooted community in the Okanagan.