The Club

The Club 50+ serves as a bridge, uniting Francophones and Francophiles who are seeking connections. Through a rich array of gatherings, activities, and events, the Club 50+ provide a supportive space for meaningful interactions, nurturing friendships and combatting social isolation among seniors. Everyone is welcome to join the Club. 

If you would like more information about the Club or you would like to suggest activities, please reach Christine at [email protected].

La Table des Aînés

“La Table des Aînés” is a project that seeks to bring our elders together through the medium of food and meaningful connections. Through a range of activities, senior participants will have the opportunity to engage in culinary workshops, embark on food-related field trips, and take part in social gatherings and much more. 

Brunch 50+

On the fourth Sunday of every month, the Club 50+ comes together to enjoy a friendly and convivial brunch. 

Next brunch : September 24th. Meeting point to be confirmed.  

Magazine Franco +

The Magazine Franco + is a project created by and for seniors. Discover recipes, travel stories, and portraits of community members in our 4 chapters of the Magazine Franco +