Centre culturel francophone de l'Okanagan

The CCFO publishes a Directory of Services in French in the Okanagan valley.

For your convenience the list of the services have been translated.

Arts & Related Services

Camps & Scholarships/Bursaries Programs for all ages, Continuing Education and Post-secondary Education

Construction & Related Services

Francophone Organization in B.C.

Francophone Schools & Preschools

► French Immersion Schools & Preschools

Health Services

Job Search & Assistance to Entrepreneurs

Legal Services

Real Estate Services

Recreational Services

Retail & Miscellaneous Services

Technology & Related Services

Tutoring & Translation Services


Please note: CCFO publishes this directory as a tool to facilitate access to services in French and do not warrant the quality of the services listed here. Also note that people in this directory have evaluated their own knowledge of French.

Please help us keep this directory up-to-date: let us know if there are any changes.